If you are in Christian/Reformed book publishing, chances are you can recite the Luther story…at least the major points. But what has not been popularized is Luther’s uncanny ability to use books effectively. I have even heard one historian say something to the effect of, “Luther seemed to have a mastery of the print medium. And I don’t know where he gets it.”

In Luther’s day, the printing press was fresh on the scene. But somehow he used it to explode the Roman Catholic monopoly on Europe.

500 years later, we have the advantage of experience…not only in the printing of books, but in marketing books. And today, marketing books is where it matters.

Luther had the advantage of having very few books or pamphlets competing for attention. But today, the Christian book market is drowning in books…and mostly bad books.

Publishers continue to publish bad books and sell them like gangbusters.

So what is the problem? Where do publishers of good books go wrong? Is it all due to our culture’s hatred of truth or is there another piece of the puzzle?

Christian and Reformed book publishers need marketing content that strikes at the heart of what Christian readers want. Sales copy that is in tune with the desires of normal people in normal pews.

Just like Luther, book publishers need to strike a tender nerve in their target audiences.

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